Artful Dessert Experience Poster

La Rose bakery asked if I can create a poster for the ‘Artful Dessert Experience’ event and I jumped on the opportunity. My clients were amazing to work with, they clearly outlined what they expected to see in the piece, they had a lot of information to share, some of it was cut down, but was added in other ways, i.e. logos. – so balance was very key in achieving a successful poster.

I had sent over 3 concepts:

The last concept resonated with them, but they asked if they can use an image of their own pastries and I couldn’t agree more. Things switched around a bit, but in the end, this was the final result:

La Rose Artful Experience Poster

With this postcard, keeping the integrity of the design similar to that of the poster, but on a much smaller scale. We had to double-side the postcard to keep all the info intact.

LaRoseArtfulPostcard_PRINT LaRoseArtfulPostcard_PRINT2


Post by Pop Up Factory

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