Event Designing

Event Designing

This sort-of-thing just happened. I was asked to create a poster for a wedding. The client was looking for a Great Gatsby style of poster, almost movie-like. It was interesting and challenging at the same time as the poster was very symmetrical and unified in space – content was key to making this poster look good. An over-kill in content would not work for this style of poster.

Wedding Poster
Then a bridal shower was taking place to a girl who is near and dear to me, the only difference is that I was more involved with this one and branded her entire bridal shower as a spring theme. It took a total of 3 months between planning and staging. I enjoyed this so much! So much so that I contemplated about being an event designer. From the invite, to the menu, to the games, to the candy bar and the restaurant decor. If I could pursue event design as a full-time gig, I would…I really, really, would!


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