This just happened!

For quite sometime our girl was telling us how much she wanted to go to DisneyLand. We, us, the parents, weren’t so thrilled of the idea walking through a theme park and calling it a vacation. So we decided on a trip of a lifetime and a first ever Disney cruise experience…

My little girl just turned 10 [my good gawd – 10. Just let me sink that in] Antoine and I have been planning this Disney Cruise surprise for quite sometime. We had to keep it a secret, after-all Mickey and Minnie were gonna call to surprise her; a feature Disney offers when you book with them.

The kids got a phone call from Mickey and Minnie, they were shocked to say the least and when it sunk in that they were going on a Disney Cruise the next day – well, let’s just say they didn’t sleep much. We packed that night, Luca asked if the boat was going to sink, woke up at 5am to catch our flight and ‘wired was the name of the game.

This is our adventure:

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