Artful Dessert Experience

The event was a massive success. In fact it was sold out! A lot of Bakeries, pastry artists and chocolatiers put forward a piece in the event. The desserts that were served by La Rose Bakery were to die for! I stacked a plate full of sweets – if there was anything lacking in this event is that they didn’t have an ambulance on stand-by to take those in a dessert comatose. Jokes aside though, for a first year event it was successful, Emily from La Rose Bakery did an outstanding job putting all of this together, organizing the sweets, making sure the art was displayed, signage…everything! I can only hope that she will continue this next year and I can be part of it again.


I loved the experience of seeing people’s expressions as they were viewing my cake piece. I stood from afar, a couple of times going in and answering curious questions – but the response was overwhelmingly nice, I felt a sense of pride and I admired how people were responding to the piece in a positive manner. It was very humbling.

The funds for this event went to Milton’s United Way and Infant Food Bank, that’s a beautiful gesture by La Rose Bakery. Community is everything. I can’t wait for next year!

Cake Materials: Styrofoam, cake fondant, gum paste (cards, roof and butterflies), food colouring for the paint.


I will be reporting from this event, live on March 13th. Come and join us for a wonderful dessert experience. Below is the poster (designed by *ahem*) – if you wish to join us, the ticket proceeds are going to a good cause: The Milton United Way and Infant Food Band.

Hope to see you there!


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